Big Picture Perspective 

"Don't sweat the small stuff." 

Putting the Clinton Impeachment in Perspective: 

"Impeach the Presidency" by Alan W. Bock, 

"No Tears for Clinton" by James K. Glassman, 

"No Imperial Presidency" by Dr. George Reisman, 

It's the TREASON, stupid  by Dr. Jack Wheeler

and "Impeachment: Right Action, Wrong Reasons" -- LP 

A few more examples of the more relevant Clintonian lies, 
corruption and despotism are recorded here.

If you're a non-productive busybody who sees that his 
days as a professional control freak are numbered due to 
the success of free minds and free markets, how do you go 
about destroying that success on a global scale while 
looking virtuous rather than evil? ? Well, here's one way. 

Then again, here's another way according to this guy, who
says these are the most important reasons to impeach. 
How evil principles can be turned into brutal reality
Suddenly, we get confirmation from down under... 

The reality of that "gap" between rich and poor... 

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