Let's suppose you don't care about political parties at the time you go into the voting booth, and that two people are running for the same office.  One of them is highly qualified for the job, highly motivated to do it well, and honest.  The other one is just the opposite.  Only the highly-qualified, highly-motivated honest one has a weird name, or a name that reminds you of someone else you don't like.  And the unqualifed, unmotivated, honesty-impaired candidate has a perfectly regular name, or one that reminds you of someone else whom you do like.

Here's a hypothetical question: if you're in the voting booth and have absolutely no information -- you don't know anything at all -- about either candidate except what their names are and how many signs or stickers you've seen with one of their names on them, how are you likely to vote?  Will you make a snap decision?  Or will you think about it?  Well, think about it now.  Take your time. Then scroll down to the very bottom ... 

Well, guess what? There is no "right" answer. However, there is a moral answer, in my opinion: YOU SHOULDN'T VOTE FOR ANYONE in this particular race -- let the people who DO know cast the votes. And start a trend which, over time, will spread everywhere. And no, there is absolutely no jurisdiction in the country which will invalidate your ballot just because you didn't vote on every office or everything on the ballot -- and yes, you may even vote on only one office or issue and have it count.

( Personally, I hate the idea that, after I've taken the time to read up on all the people and issues and possible long-term implications of whatever or whoever I'm voting for, that my vote could be negated by some moron who votes the other way for ABSOLUTELY NO REASON AT ALL. Don't you????????

"If I'm only given a Democrat or a Republican to vote for, I leave that space blank." -- Gov. Jesse Ventura to Chris Matthews 11-5-2002
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Don't Really Know? Don't Really Vote!

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