WEB PAGES of, by or for LPFers

THESE LIBERTARIAN PARTY OF FLORIDA MEMBERS ARE MAKING THEMSELVES SEEN AS WELL AS HEARD (in the email addresses, replace the "[at]" with a "@" -- of course):

Annaheim, Kurt [Daytona]  kurt[at]befreetech.com   ,   http://befreetech.com/

Antunez, Emiliano [candidate for mayor of Miami] miamimayor[at]antunez.org   ,   Antunez.Org/  .

Baldwin, Page Marshall [Leon]  pm_baldwin[at]yahoo.com   ,   http://www.floridaradioactive.com/people/marshall/marshall.htm

Barr, Mike  [Seminole County] http://www.sanfordbookshoppe.uni.cc/   ,   OneBigBarr[at]yahoo.com

Bernard, Ian [Sarasota] neo[at]whatisthematrix.cc  ,  Libertarian Party of Sarasota County http://www.sarasotalibertarians.org/

Blumel, Philip [Palm Beach] PBlumel[at]32J.RJF.com  , http://voices.freehosting.net

Bowers, Nancy and Read, Chuck [Apopka/Orange] channan88[at]yahoo.com  ,   channan88/

Brock, Terry [Orange County/everywhere] Terry[at]TerryBrock.com  , http://www.terrybrock.com  .

Buchwald, Alex (Dr.) (He's an orthodontist/dentist.) [Miami] DrBraces[at]smart1.net  ,   drbraces.com  .

Bush, Larry [Lee County]  LRB-AGS[at]juno.com or LRB-AGS[at]worldnet.att.net  , Libertarian Party of Lee County, http://www.LeeLP.org

Cadby, Ron [Edgewater] websiter[at]BeginAt.com , http://Liberties.BeginAt.com/lpnc.php3 , http://www.beginat.com/

Clarke, Frank [Oldsmar]    nisus[at]mindspring.com  ,   http://nisus.home.mindspring.com

Clifford, Wm. Mark [Seminole/Orange]  WClifford[at]cfl.rr.com   ,   http://home.cfl.rr.com/wclifford/  .

Cole, Ron [Orange/Seminole] RonCole[at]SoutheasternRealty.com  ,  http://www.southeasternrealty.com/directory.htm  .

Coulter, Fredrik V. [Volusia]  FCoulter[at]totcon.com  ,  http://www.mp3.com/fvcoulter

Curry, Rex [Tampa]  Rexatious[at]hotmail.com   ,  Rexy[at]ij.net    http://RexCurry.net

Doubleday, David A. [Treasurer, LP of Orange County, Candidate for FL House of Representatives]  ddoubleday[at]cfl.rr.com  ,  http://www.geocities.com/doubleday1/elect_doubleday/main.html  .

Dunn, Hal [Wesley Chapel]    hal[at]intersonic.com   ,   AnarchoCyberSludge  .

Dyer, David [Orlando]  DADyer[at]cfl.rr.com  ,  http://www.free-market.net/members/d/dadyer.html  ,  http://www.dadyer.com/

Gaber, Rick [Orange County]   RG[at]FreedomKeys.com ,  http://FreedomKeys.comhttp://FreedomKeys.com/pageindex.htm  ,  http://FreedomKeys.com/ontheairfl.htm

Gilson, Michael [LPF Excom - Region 9] mg4u[at]cityisp.net  ,  Libertarian International Organization: http://www.libertarian.uni.cc  ,  LPF Region 9 Pages: http://www.lpf9.uni.cc/  .

Gravell, Jean-Paul JAE [Punta Gorda] jpjae-[at]peganet.com  ,   Buyers Broker of Punta Gorda    http://www.BuyersRealtyFl.com  .

Green, Mike [Lee County Treasurer] MGreen[at]peganet.com Libertarian Party of Lee Countyhttp://www.LeeLP.org  .

Kolstee, Tony [Orange County]   Tony[at]Kolstee.net , http://www.kolstee.net/

Leeper, Robert Allen [Leon] raleeper[at]tfn.net  ,  Analytical Libertarianism    http://www.freenet.tlh.fl.us/~raleeper/  .

Lundy, Tom [Orange] tlundy[at]cfl.rr.com  ,  http://www.tomlundy.blogspot.com/  

McCormick, Darrell [former Florida NPA U.S. Senate candidate] dmccormick.org/  . 

Personett, David Alva [Duval] DAPersonet[at]aol.com   ,  Libertarian Thoughts

Ray, Tom [Punta Gorda] Publius[at]sunline.net  ,  publius/ 

Reid, Harry (deceased)  ,  Beyond Government -- a FABULOUS legacy of works!

Rhodes, Eddie. [Miami Beach] , Techcellence, http://techcellence.net , web hosting and design for businesses and organizations, maintains Libertarian Party of Miami-Dade County site, http://lpdade.org

Setzer, Luke [Brevard County] LutherSetzer[at]yahoo.com  , Attitude Adjustment Page http://members.tripod.com/AttitudeAdjustment/  .

Sibley, Montgomery Blair [Coral Gables] MBSibley[at]shadow.net Runs the Forfeiture Endangers American Rights site, http://www.fear.org

Smith, John Wayne [Lake County] jwsmith42000[at]aol.com   ,   John Wayne Smith for Leesburg City Commission

Stinson, Lance J. ("Stammering Banzai") [Kissimmee/Sanford/Central FL] Banzai[at]magicnet.net Disk Jockey on "M4 Radio" on the web.

Trinh, Tony [Apopka / Orange]  genghis1227[at]yahoo.com   ,    http://www.PromoteLiberty.org

Walker, Dan* [Tallahassee] (FL LP Uber-Attorney and "The Boss" of the Reform Silly Tallahassee Party, also on Rules Committee...LISTEN to this man!)   walktall[at]worldnet.att.net  or  LibLawDFW[at]aol.com   ,   The Reform Silly Party Homepage   .

Wasson, Don [Tampa] sfrt[at]scfn.thpl.lib.fl.us  ,  Peace, Freedom, Prosperity   .

Winslow, Ten [Orange] suicidolt[at]yahoo.com  ,  http://suicidolt.googlepages.com/   . 

*Jim Ray's shameless plugs: Attorney and all-around funny guy Dan Walker had an interesting idea last election when $. Ro$$ Perot was trying to make another instant political party (ju$t add money). Dan filed the "Reform" name first with the Division of Elections, and according to him, "I could have raised a legal stink about them using the word 'Reform,' but since Perot has a bit more cash than I do, I let it pass." What a guy, eh? :^) Dan has agreed to give me a meaningless title in this new party, so I solicit ideas from you, as "webmaster" is awfully boring. I put up a pretty humorous page at Geocities for the Reform Silly Party and I've also put an unofficial one up for Florida Tax Cap, which I changed after the Florida Supreme Court annoyed us all again. This one isn't nearly as funny, due to the judicial hegemony and my mood at the time. (GRRR!)

*Originally, Jim Ray had written his own listing to read as follows : "Ray, James M. [South Miami] jmr[at]shopmiami.com Chairman, Dade County LP org. (Get RID of him! Run for this office!) Florida LP E-mail Directory Editor-Slave..." 

Also see if you can identify any of the people listed at the "Friends of Stossel in the Classroom" site HERE

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