Other notes and mentions (some honorable, some not):

  • On 3-9-99 Wayne Allyn Root, while guesting on Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher, said, "I'm becoming a libertarian." 

  • On 2-10-99 at 1:30pm Eastern, Rush Limbaugh said, "I've been getting more and more emails like this one here. It says, 'I'm fed up with the Republican Party. They haven't delivered. I'm registering Libertarian.' And you know, they have a point. ... Time for a quick break ..." 

  • Distinguished journalist, syndicated columnist, and TV pundit James K. Glassman referred to himself as a libertarian while guest-hosting the Rush Limbaugh Show on 7-20-98. Glassman, who became known to millions of Americans as the host of CNN's "Capital Gang Sunday," and PBS's "TechnoPolitics" has long shown a sympathy for libertarian/classical-liberal ideas in his writing. 

  • On 5-26-98 ABC-TV aired another one-hour special by John Stossel, this one on the entire jail-filling absurdity of victimless crimes, entitled Sex, Drugs, and Consenting Adults. Videotapes are available soon
  • John Stossel presented his trailblazing documentary, "GREED" in prime time on Feb.3, 1998 -- Videotapes are available
  • On a 1997 "radio graffiti" segment in which callers "are allowed one sentence and one sentence only," a caller asked, "Who will write the laws to restore America to freedom?" and Alan Colmes answered, "The libertarians." 
  • Dr Dean Edell gets all of the LP's press releases and says he really enjoys them, finding he's "more of a libertarian" than he thought. 
  • Michael Reagan said, "The Libertarian Party seems to be the way to go these days," on 12/2/97. 
  • Syndicated comedy host Barry Hansen ("Dr. Demento") is said to be libertarian (check the CBS/Infinity stations in your area, or click here:  Sundays 8pm-10pm Eastern). 

  • Paul Gonzalez (of the "Paul Gonzalez Show" M-F 10am-12noon Eastern, and again at 2am-4am Eastern on UBN, the United Broadcasting Network with 131 affiliates nationwide) has said, "I can't say I agree with everything they stand for, but the Libertarian Party is definitely NOT boring. I can't wait--in fact, I'm always excited--to get their press releases." 
  • Howard Stern started to run for Governor of New York on the Libertarian ticket, but dropped out of the race. He may be a Libertarian, but he seldom talks about it or anything related to it on his program. In fact, it usually seems as though he couldn't care less about either the sense of personal responsibility or the respect for personal privacy so essential to libertarianism. Some of the stations which carry his show are listed here, others here

Thomas Jefferson said, "To compel a man to subsidize with his taxes the propagation of ideas he disbelieves and implores is sinful and tyrannical." The Corporation for Public Broadcasting, even in its selection of programs and stories, is necessarily influenced by ideas not shared by 100% of the population. THIS is why it must be completely defunded of tax revenue support. Question: "If PBS doesn't do it who will?" Answer: "If you REALLY care enough about it, YOU will. Just put down that tax-collector's revolver, and start dialling for dollars as decent people do." Otherwise, we still have more and more Discovery, TLC, Bravo, A&E, C-SPAN, CNN, Fox News, etc., etc. etc. etc. etc. channels.


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